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Venetian Plastering Services

Venetian Plaster is ideal for crafting the polished cement render or polished concrete render industrial look made popular by urban cafes and restaurants and now featuring in distinctive architecturally designed homes and makeovers.

Contemporary yet reminiscent

of a traditional European stucco, Venetian Plaster delivers a truly opulent glass face finish.

Venetian Plaster Marmorino is especially useful for columns and walls where the appearance and feel of marble is sought and can achieve the light-reflective, lustrous properties of marble without the weight.

It is made from crushed marble and limeputty, which can be tinted to give a wide range of colours. This can then be applied to make many textures, from polished marble to natural stone effects.

We are Certified Rockcote Artisans which will give you the guarantee  that when choosing the Natural Finishes range , the quality and system will be A grade. 

The Concrete Finish has become very popular  in recent years due largely to the  large airplay on the Channel 9  Show  The Block which The Render Man  has worked on over the last 3 years  and has worked with contestants from Reno Rumble.

Click here For  a quick view of The Block  Building!

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Widely used in Italy, its appeal has spread through North America especially, but now worldwide. Because of the hours of workmanship, the pricing places it in the high-end market. However, many examples can be seen in public buildings, bars, restaurants, etc.

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TheRenderMan.com.au  have been lucky enough to work on Channel 9's 'THE BLOCK'  and 'RENO RUMBLE  using Venetian Plaster in Bathrooms and wet Areas  ,Lounge , Kitchen and Bedroom walls. 'Antica Signoria' have been a great support to us through jobs  and we Love working with there range of finishes.

Rockcote Is  a supplier that we work with   to achieve a  Moroccan style rock finish.

'Marrakesh' Or 'Tatelakt' finish is an effective and proven  way to bring  a peice of Morocco into your home....

This is Josh and charlottes first bathroom9 (left)and Ensuite (right) on #theblock9. It is a Marmorino finish with shower stall . There is a wax  applied over  all walls and hand polished for a beautifull polised smooth finish.