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Authentic Venetian Plastering

Venetian plastering is an authentic wall finish that is a mixture of lime and marble dust. The Render Man proposes original Venetian Plaster that gives you smooth surfaces with the illusion of depth and texture.

Venetian plasters are great for all kinds of surfaces, especially wet ones like bathrooms and swimming pools. These traditional European plasters can be polished to a glass-face finish.

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 Venetian plastering VIC

Venetian plaster gives your surfaces an authentic and natural finish


Venetian Plastering

Marmorino Veneziano is an old Venetian Plaster that has a very smooth texture and reflects light in very complex ways.

The Render Man has all the qualifications to give you a unique Marimorino plaster finish on all kinds of surfaces. We create highly polished, rock hard and marble-like finish by bringing the beauty of Italian architecture in your home.

 Venetian plastering Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Marmorino plaster is excellent for wet surfaces


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